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On Dec. 14, Carly (Evans) Hawthorne spoke to students about being radio on-air talent, music director and program director during PRIDE Time. Hawthorne is a graduate of both Hays High School and Fort Hays State University. She is an Academy of Country Music (ACM)-nominated, three-time Texas Regional Radio Music Personality of the Year.

In the past, Hawthorne has worked at several stations throughout Kansas, Texas and Colorado as on-air talent, studio engineer, music director or program director. She is currently the program and music director for Mountain Country in Colorado Springs.

“I fell in love with broadcasting thanks to, well you know it as, Channel 13 [Tribe Broadcasting],” Hawthorne said. “I decided on a whim to sign up for the introductory class and just loved it. I started doing that, then I signed up for the advanced class. Well, it turns out you have to have permission to do that. Thankfully, he was already going to ask me.”

To conclude her presentation, Hawthorne said that you should not compare others’ successes to your own and that everybody struggles with something, even though you just see their “highlight reel.”

“You don’t feel like you’re where you’re supposed to be in your life because you’re comparing yourself to all of these other people that are more successful, and you see their highlight reel,” Hawthorne said. “That’s something to remember on, like, social media and stuff; it’s a highlight reel. You’re not seeing everything. Everybody’s going through the same thing you are. At some point, somebody else has been there before. Somebody else has struggled with the same thing.”

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Boys swim attends Great Bend Invitational Mon, 16 Dec 2019 19:15:54 +0000

The boys swim team competed at Great Bend Swim Invitational on Tuesday, Dec. 10.

Hays placed fourth out of six teams.

Other results are as follows:

200 Medley Relay – Matt Goodale, Adam King, Isaac Smith and Zachary Smith (1:59.79) for fourth; Carson Ackerman, Chris Goodale, Grayson Walburn and Skylar Zimmerman (2:25.73) for ninth; Anthony Arial, Ashton Bickle, Aidan Debey and Andrew Prine (2:31.76); Liam Buller, Evan Dealy, Kaden McBride and Dustin Rajewski (2:49.59)

200 Freestyle – Skylar Zimmerman (2:48.90) for ninth; Anthony Arial (3:02.13) for 11th

50 Freestyle – Isaac Smith (23.28) for first; Matt Goodale (27.62) for 10th; Zachary Smith (27.70) for 11th; Grayson Walburn (28.77); Aidan Debey (30.18); Fernando Zarate (31.10); Evan Dealy (32.68); Seth Sumaya (34.63); Kaden McBride (36.26); Jude Tippy (38.62); Hector Amaya (38.63); Ashton Bickle (39.06)

100 Butterfly – Zachary Smith (1:14.45) for eighth; Grayson Walburn (1:30.15) for 10th; Dustin Rajewski (1:33.80) for 11th; Andrew Prine (DQ)

100 Freestyle – Matt Goodale (1:04.98) for sixth; Chris Goodale (1:09.26) for eighth; Carson Ackerman (1:10.44) 10th; Aidan Debey (1:16.90); Seth Sumaya (1:20.13); Kaden McBride (1:24.76)

500 Freestyle – Carson Ackerman (7:12.24) for seventh; Anthony Arial (7:37.87) for ninth

200 Freestyle Relay – Matt Goodale, Isaac Smith, Zachary Smith and Grayson Walburn (1:47.08) for third; Aidan Debey, Chris Goodale, Adam King and Skylar Zimmerman (1:56.34) for fifth; Hector Amaya, Liam Buller, Seth Sumaya and Jude Tippy (2:29.28)

100 Backstroke – Adam King (1:20.10) for seventh

100 Breaststroke – Isaac Smith (1:07.20) for second; Chris Goodale (1:28.95) for seventh; Fernando Zarate (1:38.41); Ashton Bickle (1:46.29); Dustin Rajewski (1:47.31); Evan Dealy (1:55.39); Jude Tippy (DQ); Skylar Zimmerman (DQ); Andrew Prine (DQ); Hector Amaya (DQ)

400 Freestyle Relay – Carson Ackerman, Anthony Arial, Andrew Prine and Fernando Zarate (5:13.30) for ninth; Ashton Bickle, Evan Dealy, Seth Sumaya and Jude Tippy (5:54.25) for 11th

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2018-2019 Indian Call yearbook wins Kansas Scholastic Press Association’s All-Kansas Award Mon, 16 Dec 2019 18:47:25 +0000

The Indian Call yearbook from 2018-2019 recently won the Kansas Scholastic Press Association’s All-Kansas award.

It earned All-Kansas ratings in four out of the five judged areas.

“When the judges critique all the yearbooks, they get judged in five different categories,” senior Emma Pfannenstiel said. “To receive All-Kansas, yearbooks have to receive All-Kansas in either four out of five categories or five out of five categories.”

The members involved in the publication are listed below.

Adviser: Bill Gasper

Editor-in-Chief: alumni Emily George

Assistant Editors: alumni Hannah Harman and alumni Jacie Robinson

Staff: alumni Kaitlyn Brown, junior Grace Desbien, junior Erica Malleck, alumni Jacob Maska, senior Grace Moroni, senior Emma Pfannenstiel, alumni Lindsey Pfannenstiel, senior Savannah Pfeifer, alumni Brooke Pflaum, senior Cassidy Prough, junior Kamryn Schoenberger, junior Hope Schumacher, senior Shannon Smith, alumni Alyssa Underwood and junior Fernando Zarate.

“I’m really proud of everyone who was in the Indian Call staff last year,” Pfannenstiel said. “Emily was a really good editor, and she got what she deserved.”

Pfannenstiel said she hopes the yearbook this year receives All-Kansas, as well.

“Being editor-in-chief this year, it’d be really disappointing if we didn’t win All-Kansas this year, so I’m really trying my best to make the yearbook the best it can be,” Pfannenstiel said.

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Cast list for ‘Murder’s in the Heir’ announced Mon, 16 Dec 2019 18:26:52 +0000

The cast list for the Spring Play, “Murder’s in the Heir,” has been released.

Simon Starkweather/Simon Starkweather III: junior Andrew Duke

Fiona Starkweather: junior Alexis White

Jordan Starkweather: junior Tom Drabkin

Paula Thompson: sophomore Spenser Mills-Kulmala

Bensonhurst: senior Nathan Leiker

Mrs. Trent: junior Ashley Vilaysing

Minerva Walker: senior Mulu Bannister

Nancy Pollard: sophomore Gracie Wente

Rufus Jones: junior Dustin Knoll

Lois Van Zandt: junior Alisara Arial

Miss Withers: sophomore Savannah Lawson

Kathy Collins: sophomore Shirley Lee

Michelle Davis: junior Caitlin Leiker

Jean Culpepper: sophomore Devlyn Jochum

Production Assistant: sophomore Emry Lundy

The play will be directed by Bill Gasper. Mazzy Sacia and Hannah Eikenberry will serve as production assistants. Other students will help with stage crew and makeup, but those positions will be announced later.

Performances will be held March 19, 20 and 21 at 7 p.m. at 12th Street Auditorium.

“At first, I was concerned that I may have taken my auditions too seriously for a comedy play,” Leiker said. “However, I feel like it paid off. I’m pleased with what I got out of it.”

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QUIZ: Do you pass your vibe check? Mon, 16 Dec 2019 17:12:07 +0000

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Boys swim takes fifth at Salina South Fri, 13 Dec 2019 19:24:39 +0000

The boys swim team competed against five other teams at Salina South on Thursday, Dec. 5.

Hays High swim placed fifth out of six teams.

The 200 medley relay of sophomore Adam King, senior Matt Goodale, senior Isaac Smith and freshman Zachary Smith qualified for 5A Consideration (STC).

Isaac Smith qualified 5A state consideration for the 200 individual medley and 6A state qualified (6AQ) for the 100 breaststroke.

Smith said he was very happy with how he and the team have competed so far.

“Considering it’s the first meet, I didn’t imagine I would do as well I did,” Smith said. “The team also did amazing. It’s great to have a large group of guys that enjoy the sport.”

Other results are as follows:

200 Medley Relay – Matt Goodale, Adam King, Isaac Smith and Zachary Smith (1:57.43) for fifth; Carson Ackerman, Chris Goodale, Grayson Walburn and Skylar Zimmerman (2:15.58) for ninth; Anthony Arial, Ashton Bickle, Liam Buller and Andrew Prine (2:49.33) for 11th; and Evan Dealy, Dustin Rajewski, Seth Sumaya and Fernando Zarate (DQ)

200 Freestyle – Carson Ackerman (2:33.14) for ninth; Anthony Arial (2:59.15) for 14th; and Seth Sumaya (3:33.74) for 15th

200 Individual Medley – Isaac Smith (2:17.82) for second; Adam King (DQ)

50 Freestyle – Matt Goodale (27.85) for seventh; Skylar Zimmerman (28.22) for 10th; Aiden Debey (31.36) for 15th; Kaden McBride (35.84); and Jude Tippy (40.19)

100 Butterfly – Zachary Smith (1:14.50) for eighth; Dustin Rajewski (1:32.45) for ninth; and Andrew Prine (DQ)

100 Freestyle – Grayson Walburn (1:05.54) for 10th; Chris Goodale (1:10.76) for 13th; Fernando Zarate (1:17.65) for 16th; Ashton Bickel (1:30.89) for 18th; Evan Dealy (1:12.54); and Seth Sumaya (1:26.49)

500 Freestyle – Carson Ackerman (7:21.67) for seventh; Anthony Arial (8:31.20) for 11th

200 Freestyle Relay – Adam King, Isaac Smith, Zachary Smith and Skylar Zimmerman (1:47.09) for third; Carson Ackerman, Chris Goodale, Aiden Debey and Grayson Walburn (1:57.59) for eighth; Liam Buller, Kaden McBride, Dustin Rajewski and Jude Tippy (2:33.14)

100 Backstroke – Adam King (1:14.83) for 10th; Matt Goodale (1:18.45) for 13th; Grayson Walburn (1:29.49); Evan Dealy (1:36.62); Hector Amaya (2:00.44)

100 Breaststroke – Isaac Smith (1:05.90) for first; Zachary Smith (1:25.86) for 11th; Andrew Prine (1:35.81) for 15th; Chris Goodale (1:30.26); Fernando Zarate (1:39.30); Ashton Bickel (1:46.44); Dustin Rajewski (1:47.94); Jude Tippy (1:51.18); Aiden Debey (1:54.38); Kaden McBride (DQ); Liam Buller (DQ)

400 Freestyle Relay – Anthony Arial, Aiden Debey, Matt Goodale and Andrew Prine (4:59.35) for seventh; Hector Amaya, Ashton Bickel, Evan Dealy and Fernando Zarate (5:48.46) for 10th

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Chamber Singers featured at 34th annual Cathedral Christmas Concert Fri, 13 Dec 2019 17:32:52 +0000

The 34th annual Cathedral Christmas Concert was held at the Basilica of St. Fidelis in Victoria on Dec. 8.

The concert primarily featured the talent of Fort Hays State University’s music students and faculty. The Fort Hays Singers, Smoky Hill Chorale and FHSU’s Concert Choir, all conducted by Dr. Terry Crull and accompanied by Pam McGowne, were presented that night. Faculty performances also took place between the large group numbers.

Hays High’s Chamber Singers, conducted by Alex Underwood, were among the guest ensembles at the concert. The group performed “Ave Maria, O Auctrix Vite” by Hildegard von Bingen, a prominent female artist from the Middle Ages.

Underwood divided the verses of the song into individual solos for each of the Chamber Singers with everyone joining on the response.

“I knew that [the Hildegard piece] was a style of music that high school students rarely have exposure to,” Underwood said. “I divided up the lines of the chant so they could share the work, and it’s also more interesting for the audience to hear different voices sing different sections.”

Underwood said the learning process went slower than anticipated due to the details of the solos relying on each individual singer. However, he said the Chamber Singers were able to pull it off.

“My objective was the same as it always is: ‘Let’s get them singing different works and get them comfortable enough so it doesn’t seem totally foreign to them,'” Underwood said. “We invested the time, and I thought it worked beautifully,” Underwood said.

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QUIZ: What kind of deer-like buddy are you? Fri, 13 Dec 2019 17:18:31 +0000


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Leadership Team shares advice with freshmen Thu, 12 Dec 2019 04:06:33 +0000

Leadership Team held its final meeting with the freshmen on Dec. 6 in the school cafeteria.

A panel of seniors was selected to answer questions in front the freshmen to help them get a better ideas of things that could help them in their schooling.

The questions ranged from, “Why is having good attendance important?” to “Who should you go to when you or a friend are in need of help?”.

The students selected to speak in the panel were emailed in advance with their question so they had a chance to prepare what they were going to say.

Senior Carson Ackerman answered a question about what motivates him to do well in school and life.

“I think that the information shared was good and that I would have liked to hear it when I was that age,” Ackerman said.

Overall, Ackerman said he felt that the meeting went well, and the freshmen could gain a lot from what the seniors had to say.

“I was glad to share advice because I feel that the questions [counselor] Mr. [Troy] Dale came up with created great advice for the freshman,” Ackerman said.

While this was the Leadership Team’s final meeting with the freshmen for first semester, next semester the Leadership Team members will meet with current eighth graders to help them choose what classes to enroll in for high school.

“I am looking forward to meeting with the eighth graders because, when I was in eighth grade, I thought it was really cool that we got to interact with the high schoolers, so it will be neat to be on the other side of that,” senior Paige Polifka-Denson said.

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Varisty Scholars Bowl places first at Colby Invitational on Dec. 9 Wed, 11 Dec 2019 03:57:20 +0000

Varsity Scholars Bowl members competed at the Colby High School Invitational on Dec. 9 and placed first.

The students who competed were senior Levi Hickert (captain), junior Alicia Feyerherm, sophomores Colton Dodd-Spencer and Liahna Hyatt and freshmen Evan Dealy and Bradyn Dreher.

The team ended the five rounds of pool play with a 4-1 record.

Round 1: Hays vs. Norton (70-30)

Round 2: Hays vs. Oakley (90-10)

Round 3: Hays vs. Atwood (100- -5)

Round 4: Hays vs. Wheatland (30-40)

Round 5: Hays vs. Saint Francis (110-20)

There was a three-way tie for first in the pool with Hays, Norton and Wheatfield having a record of 4-1. The tie was broken by looking at point differentials when those teams were competing against shared opponents.

In quarterfinals, Hays defeated Goodland, 95-30, and then went on to defeat Scott City in the finals with a score of 90-50.

“I came to Colby with four dollars in my pocket and a dream,” Dreher said. “We won and accomplished that dream.”

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